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“Racing in the snow at Innisfil was definitely the craziest weather I have ever driven in. It was a fun challenge to be a part of, sliding around, trying not to spin of the track! I hope the next race at Innisfil snows the way it did last time! Had a blast with everyone there.” -Stefano Lucente

2017 – 2018 Winter Racing Dates:

Saturday December 16th Sunday January 7th Saturday January 20th Sunday February 4th Saturday March 3rd Anyone interested in joining please confirm so we have done Kart ready for you. Take care and stay warm Alex MG At spots it's clean, icy and snowy. Incredible challenge to master the skills. Loved it!!! More more more!!! Who says the karting season is only six months long in Canada? Not the track owners at the Innisfil Indy in Ontario, thats for sure!


Jr. Briggs

1. Alyssa Launi 2. Julia Capirchio 3. Ayden Almeida

Sr. Briggs/ Master Briggs

1. Mitch Dolan 2. Matthew Ashley 3. Dave Corscadden

Micro Max/ Mini Max

1. Jordan Smith 2. Joseph Launi 3. Jacob Smith

Jr. Shifter

1. Simone Masini 2. Ayden Almeida 3. Nicky Palladino

Sr. Shifter

1. Ryan Monteiro 2. Lucio Masini 3. Zachary Shearer

Master Shifter

1. Tony Demarco 1. Giles Gallie 2. Jimmy Lo


Jr. Briggs

1. Jac Young 2. Antonio Trabucco 3. Alyssa Launi

Sr. Briggs/ Master Briggs

1. Eli Yanko 2. Matthew Ashley 3. Dave Corscadden

Micro Max

1. Joseph Launi 2. Jordan Smith 3. Angelo Riccio

Mini Max

1. Jordan Smith 2. Jacob Smith 3. Xavier Almeida

Jr. Shifter

1. Simone Masini 2. Stefano Lucente 3. Nicky Palladino

Sr. Shifter

1. Zachary Shearer 2. Ryan Monteiro 3. Lucio Masini

Master Shifter

3. Tony Demarco 4. Giles Gallie 5. Daniel Uruena

Tony Demarco - Open Shifter Masters

A Well Deserved Win Tony Demarco!! Always a blast to watch! Congratulations on Winning Vega Cup and The Canadian Nationals!! Wow what a year it has been so far....amazing!!

Zack Meyer on Summer SportZone

Rogers TV reporter Bryce Turner is in the pits interviewing up-and-coming Indy Lights race car driver and Toronto-native Zack Meyer.

06.04.13 One-on-One:
Northern Ontario Karting Championship's Tony Launi